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I've finally resolved the computer issues that have been ongoing since September 2011. After 7 separate trips to the Geek Squad for my Black Tie Protection Warranty Service, they finally trashed my computer and gave me a gift card for a new computer. However, I had not read the fine print correctly when I purchased said protection, I thought I was paying to replace $670 computer, but no, it depreciates the value of the original purchase price! So I got $330 gift card because they will only replace it with tech that is just as old as the computer.

So I decided to save that toward a newer computer, midrange, that can play Fallout 3, Oblivion,and Sims 3. Shiny new computer, finally, Yay!

I have been without my sims for so long, my hubby got me the Wii version of the Sims 3 and I had fun playing it, but really needed a keyboard to play the way I like to play. Our hard drive died on the Wii, so I got Sims 3 Pets for Xbox360. I liked the voice commands, but once again, really wanted a keyboard. But what is up with each game not doing the same things? Wii version, my sims would swim if they walked into the ocean. Xbox version I haven't gotten them to do anything other than walk in the water.

After much deliberation, I decided to try Sims 3 on my new laptop, since it came with it. I miss much of the family activities. I really love not having to play all the hood sims families, especially the precreated ones that I can't stand. I love the creative stuff, like making all my furnishings and clothing match, which was a big beef I had with Sims 2.

I also love that I don't need any downloaded content, because design tools let me make everything match.

That being said, I miss my Steampunk Hood in Sims 2 desperately. However, I don't know if I even want to bother reinstalling Sims 2 and my backed up hood. I always hated the 15 minute wait time for my game to load, since it doesn't recognize dual cores. Not sure if or when I will get back to working on it or if I will recolor anymore either.

So while I am still off work recovering from major surgery on my shoulder, I think I will just relax and figure out some of my new games.

One being my new addition to Skyrim on Xbox 360! What fun! The graphics are fantastic, just wish they weren't so washed out looking. Seems like most everything is done in a sepia tone wash, so it almost looks like old time picture or antique book. I like it more colorful, like real life.

So what are your thoughts on Sims 3 and various versions? Is anyone playing both, Sims 2 and Sims 3?

Date: 2012-04-21 03:00 am (UTC)
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I still kind of flop back and forth between both games. What about starting a brand new steampunk hood? Or is that more trouble than it's worth?

Also, I adore Skyrim, but god it kills my eyes sometimes. It does seem washed-out at points! :P But I adore things that are vibrant, so maybe it's not so bad?


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