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I absolutely love Jessi-dot's makeup, so much that I made two sets of defaults based on her makeup.

First I took the lips from HARD TO LET GO and defaulted them in colors to replace all the in game lipstick, except the classic red, which I used a beautiful red from her FLOWERS AND SIMPLICITY set.

Here are the lip files I used.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

You can locate the originals here.

Also the Blush on that same page listed above, BITE MY TONGUE, I used as a couple of the defaults for my blushes. The rest were from her WATERMELON BABY set. and DESERVE ME set.

For the eyeliner, I used two from the PASS ME BY set.

Eyeshadows are from the SING ME HOME set.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Colors are not duplicated for the OFB set, as I noticed there were absolutely no browns or taupe shadows, I only did one set of purple and silver/grey on the base game shadows. As you can see these are very subtle colors and all the make up is suitable for very dark to very pale skin.

And finally, I defaulted all masks in game. I used various pieces of Jessi-dots freckle sets for most of the, except Santa Claus face which I used the brightest shade from the WATERMELON BABY set. The Villian, WitchDoctor, and Clown masks I used Shay's Robot Masks (Male face is Villan, Robot gears are Witchdoctor, and Female is Clown) to work with the Steampunk robot Skin. I used Club Crymsyn's butterfly texture to replace the butterfly mask and the Superhero Mask (see purple tribal costume mask and Parsimonious' 1780 mask for the burglar

Now, you can pick which ones you want. Facemasks are marked by which expansion the masks cover.

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